how to seal a hole in floor of a pontoon boat

best seam seal for pontoon? - alaska outdoors forums if fabric has strength sew seam and tears coat inside and out with aqua-seal drink 1 six pack beer check aqua seal. when dried apply lifejacket to self drink one more six pack beer then float while drinking/fishing.

sealing a screw hole in transom page: 1 - iboats boating ... sealing a screw hole in transom october 2nd 2005 10:35 am i have an 18.5' aluminum bass boat which i am fixing to install mobster tabs on and i have a little problem.

how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor sealing marine ply decking - boat design forums - boat design net the deck will be covered on the topside with marine carpet and it will be snaps and any thing else that will have to cut or put a hole in the wood . to cyclops' answer for any holes i do in my ply i overdrill the hole fill it with...

how do you drain a pontoon (boat)? | yahoo answers i recommend that you drill holes into the bottom of the pontoons in the very back in order to drain the water. then thread the holes and take some brass plugs that are threaded as well line them with teflon tape and put the plugs in. that should do it.

how do i repair a 8-ft. plastic boat ... - bass fishing forums i cleaned the area with alcohol put a generous amount 5200 all around the hole. place the plastic piece over the hole. then cover the whole thing with more 5200. it will take a few days to dry but once it does it is very strong. the hole i fixed in on the floor. i made out well the boat is white and so is the 5200.

boating tips: how to plug screw holes below the waterline ... remember using 3m 5200 is the key. this sticky goo cures into a hard rubbery material that’s water-tight and super-strong. and be sure to use both the screw-dip and the squeeze methods of getting 5200 into the holes. you want to be 100-percent sure every space not occupied by the screw itself is filled with 5200.

how to seal aluminum pontoons | it still runs seal the leak. find the exact source of the leak. move the pontoon to a dry location. this repair involves applying adhesive material to the aluminum pontoon. the adhesive will not stick if the pontoon is wet. clean the area around the source of the leak with a rag. sand the area using a coarse-grit sandpaper.

sealing pits in pontoon - pontoon boat & deck boat forum i have little time and little money to put into the boat and am only interested in sealing the pits. it will be on a lift and only in the water on the weekends. everyone else i know on the lake has no problems with pitting on growth or corrosion this is a very mild lake which is unlikely to advance the problem.

repairing a runabout floor or pontoon deck - epoxyworks or in the case of a pontoon deck—install the new floor by screwing the plywood down to the stringers. coat the fastener holes with epoxy before inserting the screws. this will prevent moisture from getting into the plywood endgrain at the fastener holes. we usually coat or fiberglass the top side after the floor is installed.

how to fix pitting on your logs. - pontoon boat & deck ... pontoon boat & deck boat forum. open and honest pontoon boat discussion ... i had pin holes in my port log. took it to the boat yard and they said i should fix it with marine tex. cleaned log real well. and press the tex deep in the holes. let harden and sand repaint with some kind of speical paint and bottom paint. worked good been a yard ...

pontoon makeover: how to update a pontoon boat the best way to do this is to find a level spot (like a garage floor) put the boat on the surface and commence measuring. you may have to use straps and come-alongs to gently force the boat into a square and level condition before welding and repairing any of the superstructure and deck. ... steering cable pass-through holes etc.) and seal it ...

4 mistakes to avoid when repairing a rotting boat floor ... nailing the boat floor. if you have no other recourse use wood putty and epoxy over the nails. doing this simple additional task will save you a lot of time and money down the line since the putty or epoxy will effectively cover the hole created by the head of the nail.

how to seal plywood flooring? | boat design net fill the opening with epoxy resin and let cure. once the resin is solid drill your 1/4 inch hole through the center of the epoxy. this method gives you an epoxy grommet or doughnut that completely protects the wood water can never get to it. yep it's more work but if you want the boat to last it's worth the time and effort. good luck! mia

how do i put a new floor on a pontoon? could i just take ... depending on the size of your pontoon boat you will need probably 3 or 4 gallons. i use a large squeegee and a paint roller to apply the stuff. it goes on like paint. if you saturate the plywood on both sides and on all the edges i assure you you will never again have to replace that floor as long as you live...

aluminum pontoon boat repair leak fix 603.435.7199 this creamy semi-thick paint forms a sealing 'blanket' over the worn aluminum. after coating with cm 15 paint the pontoons with either the aluminum aluthane coating or enamel or poly paint in whatever color you like. this text is just an introduction to pontoon repair.

how to seal an aluminum boat | gone outdoors | your ... an aluminum boat is usually constructed in sections with the individual sections joined with rivets. over time the rivets can work themselves loose causing seams to separate and allowing water to leak into the boat. you can seal an aluminum boat following some steps in a few hours.

rigging a pontoon for fish'n neat climate-controlled boat/fishing houses some of you vinyl get to fish out of... but what about a cabin type pontoon with some trap-doors in the floor to fish out of sit on the couch and dunk a minnow. maybe some flexible skirting from under the deck down to the water to seal off from the elements.

how to repair a pontoon leak | gone outdoors | your ... how to repair a pontoon leak. wait for the putty and epoxy to dry. sand it to roughen the surface slightly. apply a coat of epoxy sealer over the area with a brush and/or roller and wait for it to dry before proceeding. cover the area with a coat of no-sand primer and allow it to dry according to its instructions.

pontoon boat leak and jb weld water weld - youtube pontoon boat leak in bow front rake of sponson /log. material is probably 5052 h32 aluminum. three small leaks are being roughed up to prepare for epoxy bonding patching.

marine-tex gluvit epoxy water sealer gluvit is a waterproof epoxy sealer used to find fill and seal leaks. use it on cracks in fiberglass metal and wood on your boat or in your home. application results in a hard impact and abrasion resistant protective barrier coat that minimizes fiberglass blistering and corrosion.

repowering the old pontoon boat - repowering the old pontoon boat. september 8 ... i decided it would be a good idea to hook them all up on the shop floor just to make sure i knew what plug went where. ... i decided it was time for amenities. first up the gps/fishfinder mount and wires. to seal the hole where the wires pass through the top of the console i created a blue ...

"sealing" a new wood floor in a aluminum boat page: 1 ... re: "sealing" a new wood floor in a aluminum boat not sure if this was answered but don't use the waterproof membrane it will eventually get moisture below it and won't be able to dry out a recipe for rotted wood again.

how to replace a floor in a boat | gone outdoors | your ... how to replace a floor in a boat ... soak the measured pieces in epoxy to seal water out. when the epoxy has dried screw the new flooring pieces in place. be sure to note the location of screw holes and mark them on the flooring pieces prior to reconstructing the floor. drill new screw holes prior to laying the flooring down.

how to fill holes in pontoon wood floor - wpc deck board pontoon boat & deck boat forum • view topic - what's best for well if its a wood deck..and has holes i hate to be the one bringing you bad news but your gonna more than likely need to re-deck for it to be. epoxy resin for pontoon deck? page: 1 - iboats boating forums seal any and all holes that you put in the wood.

how to repair a damaged pontoon | gone outdoors | your ... apply the epoxy sealant to the inside of the aluminum patch. 8. set the aluminum patch over the repair area making sure to line up the holes in the patch with the rivet holes in the pontoon. hammer in the snap rivets.

leaky aluminum boat | if you seal the inside then water is penetrating the leak point and can be held under the sealant which would eventually work it lose. look at it this way - if the water pressure is pushing the sealant into the crack you have a very tiny point of pressure on the sealant and the surrounding metal will help hold the sealant in place.

marine-tex gluvit epoxy water sealer marine-tex gluvit epoxy water sealer. in addition the hard protective coating flexes with hull movements to bridge and seal hairline cracks. use gluvit on aluminum fishing boats to repair leaky aluminum seams and rivets. the cure rate has a long working time that allows penetration into cracks to seal and strengthen.

sealing pits in pontoon - pontoon boat & deck boat forum re: sealing pits in pontoon - on the cheap. only way to prevent the holes from getting worse is to sandblast all the copper based paint off down to the bare metal and fill the holes with epoxy use an etching primer and repaint with a paint safe for aluminum hulls like biolux (you should only need 2 quarts).

seal or don't seal marine grade plywood decking? page: 1 ... seal coated all sides/edges and drilled holes with a left over clear coat. it was about 3-4 coast so really sealed. then i used a elastomeric roof coating sveral coats with last coat having non slip sand in it.

sealing marine ply decking | boat design net take the time to get the boat very level all around before you cut any panels. then cut and lay down all the panels. drill all the correct sized holes in the right places for mounting them to the boat. drill holes for cables braces carpet snaps and any thing else that will have to cut or put a hole in the wood .

gluvit epoxy waterproof sealer | wholesale marine drill small holes in the damaged area and fill with gluvit. it will be absorbed by the wood and its hard protective coating will seal against further attack by vermin or weathering. gluvit’s protective waterproof coating strengthens stringers decking and molding and it flexes with hull movements to maintain effective bridging.

pontoon makeover: how to update a pontoon boat the best way to do this is to find a level spot (like a garage floor) put the boat on the surface and commence measuring. you may have to use straps and come-alongs to gently force the boat into a square and level condition before welding and repairing any of the superstructure and deck. deck the deck is vital to your boat’s structural integrity.