can faux be installed over concrete floor

can i install artificial grass on top of concrete or ... the short answer to this is that yes fake grass can be installed on top of asphalt or concrete. in some ways it is actually a simpler process than properly installing it since there are not multiple layers of base to prepare before laying down the grass. however while it is possible it does not mean that it is ideal.

lvt flooring over existing tile the easy way - vinyl floor ... after the vinyl flooring installation is complete there will be visible seams where the tile meets the cabinets and floors as photographed below…. to cover these seams we installed shoe molding around the cabinets where the seams met the walls.

how to tile over previously stained concrete | ehow tiling can be done over stained concrete with proper preparation. concrete such as a patio or a basement can be stained to finish the floor. once the concrete is stained it should not be tiled because the thinset will not adhere properly. however you can work around this problem by using one of two methods.

what type of floor is good to put over concrete? | hunker cork flooring. install cork flooring over concrete as long as the floor is level and clean. cork has been used as flooring for centuries and was popularized by the architect frank lloyd wright in his pennsylvania homes. cork is easy on the feet which makes it ideal for kitchen areas.

how to install concrete floors over plywood sub-floors ... installers developed systems that would now allow just about any type of decorative concrete floor to be installed over wood subfloors at a thickness around ½” to ¾”; the same as most traditional flooring types.

install faux panels® on concrete with glue | instructions these instructions for how to install fauxpanels ® on concrete using glue only are for those who prefer to not drill tapcons into the concrete. if the project necessitates using mechanical fasteners as well as glue use these step by step installation instructions. these instructions include installing on concrete cement cinder block walls foundations and brick.