can you use 5 4 decking boards for privacy fence

how to buy decking boards lumber | family handyman you can be too picky. it’s ok if 5 percent of your boards are “ dogs”. lumber with moderate defects can be used. use lower quality lumber where it’s not visible or for shorter spans. sometimes you can strhten warped boards. deck boards: if a deck board isn’t perfectly strht you can work the bow out of it as you nail it to the joists. and if there’s a foot or two of bad material you can cut out the defect then use the resulting two shorter pieces for a smaller area of the ...

what size of screw to use for fencing? : homeimprovement as far as screw lengths if you're planning on toenailing the screws you could probably get away with 2" screws but longer will be better. i would use 1-1/2" for the pickets. instead of toenailing the 2x to the 4x you might have better luck with a bracket like this. you could also use shorter screws that way so your tools might work better.

anybody use decking boards for fence? - chronicle forums our arena fence is pressure-treated decking for all the reasons listed above and it was pretty for season one. now in season three the boards that were not as seasoned as they should have been have shrunk twisted and warped and we've got ourselves some pretty expensive shabby-looking fence.

privacy solutions for your deck | better homes & gardens your deck shouldn't leave you feeling exposed. building the deck on an unexposed side of the house may solve privacy problems. if your yard doesn't offer an architectural fix add screening: a privacy fence a wall or trees and shrubs. be sure to place screens strategically. stand on your deck and locate the spots where other people can see you.

can you make a fence of decking boards? | yahoo answers but you might want to consider ripping some of the boards down to make a capping to protect the end grain of the boards (presumably your putting them vertically) also it helps to fit a concrete gravel board at the bottom so the boards don't rot. hope this helps

free samples: sls capped composite decking boards gray ... unfortunately it’s not so using it as a deck + privacy fence as shown in the photos was not easily done. there is black product labeling on the underside so to appease the hoa i needed to find a paint match the color to and paint over the bottom-side so you can’t see the writing.

the right way to build a board on board fence: pt 1 - youtube d.i.y. building a fence the right way after trial and error this is the best solution iv'e found here in sunny fl. use screws measure 5 times first use over sized materials take your time ...

can you use fence boards for deck - wpc deck board - the chronicle of the i can get 1x6 treated poplar fence boards but treated 5/4 decking is cheaper as well as you'll hate the screws when you have to replace boards. . these days i only use "star drive" deckmate screws (actually a torx

southern yellow pine fencing treated corral boards rough ... you are considering putting in a three to five corral board fence on your property. this type of fencing can add a rustic and a classic look to your horses to stay where you want them. this type of fencing can add a rustic and a classic look to your horses to stay where you want them.

3 4 and 5 board post and rail wood fence board fence is usually a 3 or 4 board layout with 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 post assembled from either smooth or rough sawn pressure teated wood. horizontal fence rails are typically full 1 inch thick by 6 inch wide lumber but can be conventional 2 x 6 lumber as purchased from a big box store. normal finished height is 48 inches but a 4 board “post and rail” fence can be stretched up to 5 ft. tall without it looking odd.

5/4" or 1" deck boards - decks & fencing - contractor talk if he were a professional deck contractor he wouldn't be confused about 5/4 decking which is probably used on 98% of wood decks. if he were talking about true 5/4 he would likely specify true 5/4. same as if you were looking for a 2x4. if you wanted true 2x4 you would specifically say that.

can decking boards be used as horizontal fence designs building a privacy fence with decking boards anybody use decking boards for fence? - the chronicle of the horse i want to put up some more board fence but rough-cut is really a pita to deal with. i can ...

composite deck boards on a privacy fence - general ... i want to build a privacy fence in the back yard ~ 90×30 feet. wood takes a lot of maintenance. and from what i can tell vinyl tends to get brittle and falls apart. so i’m thinking that composite deck boards may be the way to go for a fence you don’t have to mess with every year. have any of you looked into or used composite deck boards ...

can you use fence boards for deck - wpc deck board - the chronicle of the i can get 1x6 treated poplar fence boards but treated 5/4 decking is cheaper as well as you'll hate the screws when you have to replace boards. . these days i only use "star drive". deckmate screws (actually a torx.

horizontal wood fence building - by jlondon @ lumberjocks ... don’t set your post in concrete they will rot quicker. set your post with pea gravel instead this will allow for moisture to drain away from the post. the 5/4 pressure treated deck boards will warp and twist as they dry out with out solid support. my suggestion would be to use cedar fence boards instead. 1. they are lighter. 2.

what type of screws to use on a wood fence | when deciding to use screws in building wood fences it is important to have basic knowledge of the type of screws that are appropriate for the material. deck screws also known as green screws are excellent for pressure-treated wood. these screws are coated with epoxy that helps protect pressure-treated wood from corrosion.

what fastener should you use for deck boards | nail gun ... for decking boards we recommend using a deck screw such as duraspin collated screws or scrails. both offer improved holding strength thanks to a threaded shank which keeps the fastener locked into place - and can be reversed allowing for easy removal if a board needs to be replaced.

ipe fencing - ipe fence boards - natural wood fence - ipe ... ipe is used for exotic design looks in fencing. as a natural wood it easily modified and can be used in many ways such as vertically and horizontally. the only limitation of what you can do with this beautiful exotic fence wood is your imagination. we see new trends all the time with ipe see what you can create today! highest quality fencing

can i use fence board to make a deck? | yahoo answers decking boards need to be around 4 x 1 1/2 at least or 6 x 1 1/2 to give good support for people walking over it! if your going to go to the trouble of making a decking at least use the right size timber to start with that way it will last & it won't ever need replacing at a later date!

can i use decking boards for interior flooring? | hunker while composite decking boards aren't commonly used indoors you could use them for interior flooring. the concerns for a solid base in composite decking's outdoor use need to be addressed for its indoor use but otherwise you can install composite decking wherever you want.

5 4 deck boards Seven Trust | tyres2c Seven Trust treated deck boards iddaakuponlari co 5 4 in x 6 8 ft cedar deck board common 1 Seven Trust treated deck boards iddaakuponlari co severe weather common 5 4 in x 6 20 ft actual 1 25 Seven Trust deck boards pressure treated foot home common 5 4 in x 6 8 ft actual 1 standard treated deck board.

what kind of lumber do i need for wood fencing? in other cases where a privacy screen is not the objective its main use will be simply as a support for vines. the individual strips of lumber that are used for lattice typically measure 0.25 inches x 1.5 inches come in various lengths and are pressure-treated so that the wood will last a long time.

diy privacy fence - extreme how to one alternative is to keep each set of fence boards in a strht line between two posts. to do this attach a string line at the tops of the corresponding posts and use it as an installation guide for the height of the fence boards. or use a temporary 2×4 beneath the boards resting the lower ends on it as you fasten them in place.

can composite decking be used for a garden? | home guides ... as a stand-in for the real thing in a raised-bed garden composite decking boards can be used without any of the concerns about leaching toxins that you may have with pressure-treated lumber.

2019 decking calculator | deck material calculator 4. board size: determine your desired board size. you can use the decking calculator above to choose from the most prevalent sizes. 5. expansion gap: these are small gaps between each board. you need these gaps to drain water. determine your desired expansion gap and enter into deck calculator above. 6.

leaving gaps between pressure treated wood deck boards ... leaving gaps between pressure treated wood deck boards. whether to leave a gap between pressure treated wood deck boards depends on how dry the wood you’re using is. leave gap: if the pressure treated wood has been kiln dried after treatment (kdat) leave a 1/8” gap (the thickness of an 8-penny nail) between the boards when attaching...

super pressure treated decking decking boards and fencing ... there’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of a wood deck. and there’s nothing quite like yellawood® brand products—the best available protection against rot fungal decay and termite attack. when it comes to sheer variety of deck boards from thickness and width to grade and specialty treatment we have more options than you can shake a 2x6 at.

deck boards vs fence boards - community ... normally at least in my neighborhood fence boards are 1” or less thick but have the same width as my deck boards (5½”). technically i suppose i could use the same decking boards to replace my fence boards (when that day eventually comes) but its going to be a great deal more expensive than purchasing 1” boards.

watch this video before installing your next wood fence ... this video will provide you with some excellent ideas to increase the life and reduce future maintenance and replacement of the next wood fence post you install.

staining pressure treated wood - bob vila advertisement. as you’re applying stain to pressure-treated wood keep in mind that back brushstrokes constitute additional coats and may cause color variation. if you are staining a fence or other vertical surface start at the top to ensure that you’ll cover any drips or runs as you work your way down.

alternatives to pressure treated lumber for a fence | home ... alternatives to wood. fences can be made entirely from metal. for example galvanized welded wire fencing attached to t-posts pounded into the soil gives you an effective durable fence that is easy to construct and maintain. a more modern alternative is vinyl fencing which can be made to resemble traditional wood fences.

horizontal wood fence building - by jlondon @ lumberjocks ... i want to get started on our new fence as soon as the ground dries up around here. i’ve figured everything out except for the post spacing and was wondering if i could get some opinions… i plan to use 4×4” posts and 5/4” deck boards. while the standard is 8’ spacing between posts the guy ...

do i need to treat my new fence? - somerlap forest products although you can prolong their life with preservative it will not penetrate as deep into the wood as the treatment applied under pressure so it won’t provide the same level of protection. however a treatment of protek preserver followed by a coat of protek’s ‘shed and fence’ stain would greatly improve any untreated timber’s lifetime.

anyone made a fence out of decking ? - page 1 - homes ... have used it a few timesuse a smooth faced profile (usually the reverse of traditional decking ) and fixed horizontally it looks really good almost like a trendy designer fence. remember though that it will be quite heavy so good posts/rails are essentialohusually work out more expensive than 'normal' fencing...

decking - security fence company contact one of our specialists today for more information on how security fence company can help you with your decking needs. leave the search box empty to find all products or enter a search term to find a specific product.

how to seal a wood fence to make it waterproof step 2: prepare the fence for sealing. ok so you figured out you need to seal the wood fence. the next step is to prepare it for sealing. this involves cleaning the fence to remove things like debris and organic growth that can prevent the sealer from adhering properly to the wood. there are a number of products available to do this.

does redwood need to be waterproofed? | hunker because of redwood's expense many home owners use redwood sparingly. the material is found most frequently in railings and decking -- highly visible areas with exposure to elements. because redwood is a soft wood take care not to use excessive nails or construction materials when fitting the timber into place.

5/4 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. standard ground ... - the weathershield 5/4 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. standard ground contact pressure-treated pine decking board is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 137. rated 1 out of 5 by ron from unfortunately if you don't immediately use the lumber it will...