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disadvantage of using plastic - answers there are no disadvantages to using plastic as for its many purposes just disadvantages in the way humans dispose of plastics. related questions. asked in business & finance environmental issues

what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic money ... disadvantages: over budget: plastic money gives us an easy and extended purchasing capacity which results in an extra and unwanted buying. these cards give us discounts and bonus also on ...

advantages and disadvantages of plastic essay in points the last disadvantages of plastic: if exposed to heat this material will melt. the low heat resistant is a major dback as it cannot be used for purposes which involve higher temperatures. the low heat resistant is a major dback as it cannot be used for purposes which involve higher temperatures.

advantages and disadvantages of plastic - slideshare advantages and disadvantages of plastic. disadvantage of plastics are deformation under load. disadvantage of plastics are low heat resistant and poor ductility. disadvantage of plastics are combustibility. produces toxic fumes when it is burnt it is a recycle process but it is very costly.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic - answers disadvantages: it takes 100 years to biodegrade and if plastics are thrown and left anywhere it could get to animals and harm them (e.g. like when plastic goes into the ocean it could strangle ...

disadvantages of plastic bags - dangers of using plastic bags disadvantages of plastic bags. a single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decay completely. this makes the bags stay in environments longer in turn leading to great build-up on the natural landscape (much more than degradable materials like paper). in other words the more plastic bags you use the greater the chances of environmental damage.

disadvantage of using plastic - answers there are no disadvantages to using plastic as for its many purposes just disadvantages in the way humans dispose of plastics.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastics ... a: the advantages of using plastics are that they are lightweight water resistant durable strong economical and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. some disadvantages of using plastics are that they pollute the environment pose a danger to wildlife do not degrade quickly and pose difficulties during recycling. continue reading.

benefits of plastic - the advantages of plastic plastic benefits - the advantages of plastic. this is only surpassed by packaging industry which uses more plastic than construction industry. the most common uses for plastic in construction is in pipes valves bathroom units flooring siding panels insulation plumbing fixtures windows doors railings glazing and gratings.

plastic pollution - wikipedia plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles (e.g.: plastic bottles and much more) in the earth's environment that adversely affects wildlife wildlife habitat and humans. plastics that act as pollutants are categorized into micro- meso- or macro debris based on size.

the disadvantages of recycled plastics | sciencing the disadvantages of recycled plastics. plastic recycling helps keep disposable products out of landfills where they would take hundreds of years to decompose naturally. however unlike other materials like glass and metal recycled plastics aren't able to continually serve the same purpose after recycling.

adavantgaes and disadvantages of plastic money plastic money aka polymer money is made out of plastic and has formed an important part of our daily life these days. it is easier to deal with cards than cash. yes the advantages of plastic money over cash has made it a best friend of many. it was in the 1950s the concept of plastic money came into being.

plastic pollution: causes effects and control measures plastic pollution is caused due to the human activities and it is the responsibility of humans to control the pollution and save the environment. the plastic pollution can be controlled using the following ways. an alternative to plastic utensil should be used. avoid using disposable plastic water bottles and use reusable water bottles.

10 advantages and disadvantages of plastics‎ - brainly.in disadvantages 1.when plastics are burnedthey produce toxic gases and smoke 2. most plastic wastes littering the roadsides cause disease causing microorganisms. 3. plastics dumped in water bodies pose a threat to aquatic life.

advantages and disadvantages of plastic | frndzzz.com some of the disadvantages of plastic are: plastics are non renewable. plastic causes water and land pollution. some plastics causes highly toxic fumes when they are allowed to burn. plastics are non biodegradable. plastic bags or its products present in water or land are harmful for marine animals or animals on land respectively.

10 advantages and disadvantages of plastics - science ... 9 plastic is used for building construction electronics packaging and transportation industries. 10 they are odourless. disadvantages of plastic: 1 they are non renewable resources. 2 they produce toxic fumes when burnt. 3 they are low heat resistant and poor ductility. 4 they are non biodegradable. 5 they harm the environment by choking the drains.

the disadvantages & advantages of plastic material | bizfluent houses are a major expenditure but they would be even more expensive without plastic: vinyl siding vs. brick: brick can add $10000 or more to the price of a new or pre-owned home. vinyl vs. wood windows and trim: vinyl is cheaper and maintenance free.

disadvantages of plastic - negative effects of plastic here are some of the biggest disadvantages of plastic: durability – plastic is light moldable sturdy and can have countless forms but one of the most known features is its durability. plastic is artificially created polymer compound which can survive many centuries before nature is able to degrade it (some degrade into basic ingredients and some only divide into very small pieces).

disadvantages of using plastic bags | our everyday life estimates of the number of plastic bags used around the world each year vary in range from 100 million to a trillion according to a new york times article. since only a small portion of these bags is recycled many plastic bags are left to enter the waste stream. the bags will likely take about 1000 years to decompose.

biodegradable plastic - wikipedia a plastic is considered a bioplastic if it was produced partly or wholly with biologically sourced polymers. a plastic is considered biodegradable if it can degrade into water carbon dioxide and biomass in a given time frame (dependent on different standards). thus the terms are not synonymous. not all bioplastics are biodegradable.

disadvantages of plastic surgery - nmmra.org i. introduction just like almost every other thing in the world plastic surgery also has its own disadvantages such as causing addiction leading to health problems and involving a highly cost procedure. ii. body a. plastic surgery has the potential ...

plastic bag - wikipedia a plastic bag polybag or pouch is a type of container made of thin flexible plastic film nonwoven fabric or plastic textile.plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods produce powders ice magazines chemicals and waste.

essay collection: disadvantages of plastics the disadvantages of plastic skylights although plastic skylights are safer and sturdier than glass skylights they do pose several long term disadvantages. firstly because they are made in single sheets they can only be curved or bent in one area which limits design options.

disadvantages of plastic bags | the classroom a plastic bag is also reusable though. it does not necessarily have to be thrown away after a single use. try to use each plastic bag for as long as possible. this will help reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation. types. the three types of plastic bags that cause the most damage are dry cleaner bags garbage bags and grocery bags.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastics ... it depends on what type of plastics we're dealing with. let's take plastic bags for instance: the advantages of plastics: it is durable low cost water resistant lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture and are light weight.

biodegradable plastic - wikipedia advantages and disadvantagesedit. there are allegations that biodegradable plastic bags may release metals and may require a great deal of time to degrade in certain circumstances and that obd (oxo-biodegradable) plastics may produce tiny fragments of plastic that do not continue to degrade at any appreciable rate regardless of the environment.

what is plastic: formation & classification of plastics ... environmental classification of plastics classifies it as bio degradable and non-bio degradable. environmental disadvantages of plastic. plastics are tough to decompose or destroy by natural processes. they take thousands of years to decompose. so when they are dumped on the ground they settle there and block the passage of water and nutrients into soil making the place infertile.

advantages and disadvantages of thermosetting plastics ... disadvantages it is a compound that is indestructible even when it is melted the compound gas that is gives off is very harmful to our heath and environment; it weakens the ozone layer. most plastic is produced from oil. the world is gradually running out of oil.

what are the disadvantages of plastic use? what are some ... answer wiki. i think everyone is now aware of the disadvantages of plastic. plastic is virtually forever. if it ends up in the environment or a landfill it stays there intact for centuries. plastic bottles also cannot be safely reused. back in the days when all soft drink bottles were glass these bottles were always reused.

advantages & disadvantages - bio-plastics oil based plastics need fossil fuels and bio-plastics don’t · multiple end-of-life points valuable material can be reclaimed and recycled into other products. disadvantages: · food crisis/ land required for renewable resources people are starving because they don’t have enough money for food. so why then make plastic out of food.

plastic bag - wikipedia plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods produce powders ice magazines chemicals and waste. it is a common form of packaging. most plastic bags are heat sealed at the seams while some are bonded with adhesives or are stitched.

advantages and disadvantages of injection molding ~ lorecentral disadvantages of injection molding. forcing the material through the sprue channel and inlet can guide the material producing non-uniform shrinkage. filling the pieces with one of the two entrances produces pieces that have dotted lines. these dot lines are the weakest areas in the piece.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a plastic ban ... there are many kinds of advantages as well as disadvantages one of the main disadvantages of plastic bags is that they are non - renewable. the reason behind this is that they are made up of petrochemicals a non-renewable source of energy. these can be recycled but not that easily as paper bags.

plastic - wikipedia the development of plastics has evolved from the use of natural plastic materials (e.g. chewing gum shellac) to the use of chemically modified natural materials (e.g. natural rubber nitrocellulose collagen galalite) and finally to completely synthetic molecules (e.g. bakelite epoxy polyvinyl chloride).