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jon boat mods 2012 - bass-jons jon boat mods this page is a listing of pictures and ideas for modification of jon-boats. if you have pictures or article of your jon-boat modification please send them to this e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

popular how to build a casting deck in an aluminum boat 12 foot jon boat casting deck modification - youtube casting deck i built over the long exhausting winter. the boat is 12 feet. the deck is removable its not fastened to the boat in any manner but it's still.

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jon boat modification showcase! - youtube jon boat modification and customization showcase! our boat: tracker 1236 wide jon boat we finally finished customizing our jon boat! this has been a few months in the making since we purchased or ...

jon boat mods - do's and don'ts - bass boats canoes ... i am thinking of doing some modifications to a 16x48 jon boat. are there any must do's or must don'ts i should know about before i get started? i just basically want to make a deck in the front with some compartments underneath and a deck to cover the back battery area. any info on what materials work best would be greatly appreciated as well!

10 decked-out jon boats you'll want for yourself these decked-out jon boats might make a bass boat guy jealous. fishing season is upon us! if you haven't already noticed ice is melting everywhere and the fish are going to start biting. hopefully you have a nice boat to get out on the water and get after it. however if you don't perhaps a ...

37 best jon boat mods with ideas for decking seats ... jon boat deck modifications the flat-bottomed design of a jon means it’s actually relatively simple to modify the deck area adding storage a casting area little cubby holes platforms and seating upgrades.

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38 best jon boat modifications images in 2019 | jon boat ... aug 25 2019 - explore anguiano33598's board "jon boat modifications" on pinterest. see more ideas about jon boat boat and john boats. aug 25 2019 - explore anguiano33598's board "jon boat modifications" on pinterest. see more ideas about jon boat boat and john boats. ... jon boat deck extension with that concept i was able to have two ...

jon boat modifications - bass boats canoes kayaks and ... the wires for the depth finder and trolling motor i ran through the rungs of the deck and then taped together to keep them in place. i then covered all of this with carpet. it really is a great setup. so what have you vinyl done to your jon boats to help you catch more bass. also any tips tricks or pointers for jon boat fishing?

18 amazing jon boat modifications you won't believe are ... 18 amazing jon boat modifications you won’t believe are real they are one of the simplest types of boats in regards to construction. pontoon boats aren’t quite as slow as they used to be. for example a sailing boat will call for assorted equipment from all those expected by means of a boat utilized for fishing.

jon boat modifications archives - jon boat accessories the tools needed to modify your jon boat depend on which modification you are performing. if you are removing seats you are going to need a grinder to grind the rivet heads off until they can be pried out with a small pry bar or large flathead screwdriver. a hammer is also an added bonus to help strike the rivets out.

the 11 best mods for your 10 foot jon boat | jonboatreport in short yes you can modify a 10 foot aluminum jon boat. there is a wide variety of add-ons available to customize your boat to suit your needs. this boat is perfect for one or two fishermen on a small lake or river that has very little flow or chop. here is a list of 10 modifications that you can make to your 10 foot jon boat.

jon boat to bass boat mod: 6 steps jon boat to bass boat mod: this instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket. not only will it be an affordable way but the results are very satisfying

how to make a casting deck - jon boat accessories steve february 11 2016 jon boat modifications no comments many fishermen like to make a casting deck so that they can move around unrestricted and fish more water in a shorter amount of time. removing the front two seats in a jon boat is a necessity if you would like to make a casting deck.

the best camouflage mats for your jon boat - jon boat ... camouflage boat mats can help give a jon boat more stealth making it quieter & much more comfortable in summer & winter. ... jon boat modifications. the best camouflage mats for your jon boat. ... they also do a much better job than say a spray-in-liner for the floor and front-deck of a duck boat. in the winter your poor pooch will be freezing ...

jon boat modification - bass boats canoes kayaks and ... totally depends on what modifications you are going to do to it. if you mean things like adding a casting deck or any mods that add weight then you have to be careful not to overload the boat or make it top heavy. no jon does well in rough water so you always have to be cautious.

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building a jon boat - youtube so what we added to the boat is 1 compartment in the front and 2 in the back we are going to get a trailer for the boat soon so we don't have to care it because all the modifications added about ...

jon boat accessories - the run down! - jon boat accessories you might be surprised to discover how many accessories are made specifically for jon boats. some accessories are functional like the addition of a motor and some like improved seats will vastly improve comfort.. and then there’s everything in between like covers carts paint flooring and a plethora of modifications to get your jon boat just how you’d like it.

jon boat mods - bass-jons modifications done by keith lynch and sherman grimstead. as everyone can see more work has been accomplished on the jon boat restoration project but still a long way to go. the front storage compartment is finished the seats are riveted back in and the work has begun on the diamond plate floors.

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11 foot jon boat to bass boat full modification!!! - youtube i took my new 11.5' jon boat and did a full modification to turn it into a mini bass boat!! the main goals were to increase storage and implement 2 improved casting decks while keeping the weight ...

54 jon boat mods and upgrades for fishing hunting and ... not all jon boat modifications involve adding something sometimes you need to take something away. removing the center seat allows for more room and increased ability to customize. just remember most jon boats count on the center seat for structural support so you will need to include some additional supports between the deck and bulkhead.

jon boat mods page: 1 - iboats boating forums | 248739 re: jon boat mods i've also got a 14' jon weldbuilt but its only 32" on the floor. i'm looking to add some decking also and was going to try to get some old angled-aluminum from a scrapyard (or its like $12 for 8') instead of using 2x4s as they are heavier and tend to water-log/rot. my deck isn't going to be big just a few feet on the front.